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Introducing the Discover Books buyback program, PiggyBook

Now you can make money on the books you no longer need. Old college text books, classic novels, children's books, anything you have.

Fast Cash for Your Books

Download the app and start scanning! We'll send you postage and pay you once we receive and review the books.

The Story of 3 Little Pigs

Sell Your Books Online | PiggyBook App - the Book Buy Back App

Are your shelves full of books with stories left to tell? Don’t let them collect dust – sell your books back online to earn cash instead. has a new book buy-back app PiggyBook. It’s the easiest way to sell your books online. Let PiggyBook buy back your books now.

Simple to Use:

· Download the app to your smartphone from Google Play or App Store

· Click the “Allow PiggyBook to take pictures and record video” prompt

· Use your login credentials or create an account

Add Books to Your Cart:

· Scan the original barcode

Scanning is the most accurate method but be cautious some retailers will cover the original barcode with their store's UPC.

· Enter ISBN

Use your keypad to enter ISBN. The ISBN is typically located on the copyright page

· Scan your book cover

Piggybook has a camera option at the bottom your screen. Simply take a picture of the front cover. PiggyBook sorts through Discover Books’ large repository of books and matches your photo to our data base. All you need to do is verify the book's details, such as binding, publisher, and year.

Check Out Details:

· With each scanned book you will receive a message stating either ‘Accept Offer?’ with an offer price or ‘Sorry, currently not buying’. You have the option to decline an offer for any book we have accepted.

· Once you have completed entering your books, it’s time to cash out your cart. There is a minimum of $5 to cash out. Click on the cart icon at the bottom of the screen and follow the instructions to complete your trade. Don’t forgot to enter your PayPal email address, so we can send payment quickly.

· Shipping is free. Check your email inbox for the USPS shipping label and shipping instructions. All that’s left to do is pack and ship your books!

Things to know:

· You can only check a cart out once you have reached $5.00 in trades.

· Due to volume and additional shipping cost, books that are rejected, will not be returned .

· We are not responsible for books that are damaged or lost in the mail.

· We currently are only sending payment through Pay Pal.

Books We Don’t Buy:

· Advance Readers Copy (also known as ARC)

· Instructions copy, examination Copy, annotated instructor editions, or any book that have review copy, sample copy, exam copy, or not for resale

· International Edition (not to be used in the United States)

· Incomplete Sets

· Encyclopedia Sets

· Completed or written in workbooks

· Magazines, calendars, or games (regardless if they have an ISBN)

Non- Acceptable Book Conditions:

· Water damaged

· Missing pages

· Torn spines

· Writing that obscures the text: highlighting, underlining, or notes in the margins.

· Workbooks that have any writing

· Books with a foul or strong odor

· Books missing their accessories

Please Note:
Any books with the above conditions, will not be returned and the trade offer deducted.

* Free Shipping applies to all orders shipped to the contiguous 48 United States.