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“Book Bins to Help Library Funding.”

Orange County, Virginia – May 2021

Orange County libraries, like most libraries, are always in need of additional funding streams to provide needed technology, programs, and services to local communities. Only a portion of a library's funding comes from local, state, or federal funding, with the rest needing to be raised by individual libraries.

A local business hopes to improve the financing stream for Orange County libraries, and with your help, much can be accomplished. Many of us have books sitting on our shelves collecting dust, never to be reread. Now, with the help of Discover Books' book bins, those books can collect money for your local library system. How does it work? Discover Books placed several blue metal book bins at recycling centers around Orange County. When you place your unused books in the containers, the book's new journey begins.

"We take those books and use our proprietary systems to determine whether a book is suited for resell, distribution to a literary partner (donations), or if it needs to be recycled into a new product," said Tyler Hincy, VP of Sales and Marketing at Discover Books. "Our biggest goal is to keep books out of landfills and in the hands of readers." To help libraries, Discover Books collects the books from the bins, weighs them by the pound, and pays the library directly for the books collected.

Discover Books is a for-profit company that believes wholeheartedly in giving back. From the beginning, we resold, donated, and recycled millions and millions of books. Our tagline, Let the Stories Live On, tells our whole story. We believe books are meant to be read and enjoyed. There is nothing like the gift of reading. The magic happens when a gently used book is placed in the hands of a reader," stated Tyler Hincy, VP of Sales and Marketing at Discover Books. Hincy recalls the joy of seeing a child receive a book and ask, "Is it mine to keep forever."

"Our partnership with libraries improves library systems and helps them get much-needed funding fast," said Hincy. This partnership with Orange County recycling is unique allows the libraries to earn even more needed funds through your efforts. Every book placed in the blue book bins is weighed and credited directly to them. The books are then either resold, donated to literary programs, or, if necessary, recycled into new useful products. For more information on where to find the blue book bins, go to or

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