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Renton School District Receives Books Saving Them $50,000

Renton, Washington 5/13/2021

Renton school district covers an area of 100,000 residents just south of Seattle. The 15,5000 students attend 15 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, and 4 high schools.

The students span all socio-economic levels. Unfortunately poorer families cannot afford to use limited funds to purchase books for home use. The school district has budget problems and lacks the budget to give books to students.

During this time of pandemic when many schools are not open and learning occurs at home, a lack of books at home has serious consequences.

DISCOVER BOOKS made a major donation of 383 types of books for all grade levels from pre-K to high school.

Even purchasing in bulk, these books would have cost the school district over $50,000 which they simply do not have. DISCOVER BOOKS expanded the capacity of the school district by over $50,000.

The pictures show the DISCOVER BOOKS (1) donation sorted by age of the reader, (2) school district vehicle with teachers, (3) loading the vehicles and (4) the result of filling three vans with books.

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